Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing ....ME

My name is Leigh!!!! And my blog will be dedicated to hair and make up! I am a college student, studying psychology, and 19.  I started my hair journey after i graduated high school. I had installed kinky twist in my hair at the end of May and took them out around July. My hair had grown SOO MUCH!  I was impressed and wanted to know how it did that. My answer was, using NO HEAT. Being that the twist were n my hair for that long without a flat iron present, lol, it grew! But... around my freshman year in college (im a sophomore now) after i took out some hair extension i glued in (I KNOW, stupid of me). I had a setback. But its not tooooo bad. Just a lil hair breakage. I rarely flat iron my hair now, only when i relax (Which is about every 12wks).

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